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Earth Science: Schmidt-Simard

Finding Popular Articles

Here are some good places to look for newspaper and magazine articles about topics related to earth science:

If you're not finding much of interest, try to be as specific as possible with your topic. For example, "coral bleaching Great Barrier Reef" will provide more specific and focused articles than "climate change" (which is a related but much broader subject).

Finding Scholarly Articles

Once you have your popular article, try the following places to find scholarly articles:

Be sure to search using terms found in your popular article. 

Having a hard time reading your scientific articles?  Try looking in Gale or Credo (below) to find words that you don't understand. 

You can also look at the following two guides to help understand your article: 


Google Scholar can create citations for articles.  Click the quotation marks below the article information after doing a search. 

Need some help putting together citations?  Check out the helpful links below: 

Want a database to create citations for you? Check out the link below:

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