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This guide will list some of the resources available at the COD Library that you can use to find information when doing research on Economic  topics.  A list of various topics can be found below.

COD Economics Academic Program

COD Counseling Help

Over on the right are some other research tools that you can use to find information.

Be sure to ask for help at the Reference desks if you have questions or problems.

College Success Skills

U.S. Economics

Economic Report of the President
A Financial History of the United States

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Department of the Treasury


Bureau of Labor Statistics
Business Statistics of the United States: Patterns of Economic Change. . Reference HC 101 .A 131222 2014
Consumer Expenditure Survey
Consumer Price Index Monthly data on changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services.
Economic Indicators Prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers for the Joint Economic Committee.
FDIC State Economic Profiles Quarterly data sheet summation of banking and economic conditions in each state   Access to the full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government.
Guide to Economic Indicators

Guide to Federal Tax and Finance Information
Measuring Worth The purchasing power of money in the United States from 1774 to the present.
OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)
OECD Economic Surveys of the United States 2014 This online book examines recent U.S. economic developments, policies and prospects.

Prices and Wages by  Decade
Statistical Abstract of the United States.   Latest print editions at Ready Reference. Older editions at General HA 202 .U 5 S 93.
U.S. Bureau of the Census

U.S. Economy at a Glance. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Lists monetary amounts awarded for federally-sponsored projects.

World Economics

A to Z World Business. Comprehensive country-by-country resource for information on international business and trade.
AltaPlan: An International Economics Gateway
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. A commission of the United Nations, it seeks to reinforce economic ties among countries.
Economic Freedom of the World (Fraser Institute). Find out how much economic freedom exists in a given country.
International Economics and Trade Glossary
OECD Economic Outlook
A Political and Economic Dictionary of Eastern Europe
A Political and Economic Dictionary of Latin America
A Political and Economic Dictionary of South Asia.
General DS 334 .S 683 2006
A Political and Economic Dictionary of the Middle East
A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe
Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy

U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets. (formerly Background Notes) Select a country from the list.
United Nations: Economic and Social Development
World Economic Outlook. From the International Monetary Fund.
Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies. Reference HC 15 .W675 2002

Economic Indicators
Economic Statistics. Data on industries, trade, and GDP's from around the world.
Eurostat. Statistics from the European community.
Foreign Statistical Agencies
International Historical Statistics. Reference HA 154 .M51
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International Trade Statistics (WTO). Reference HF 1371 .I584
OECD iLibrary. Browse by country and select the economic data you want to view.
Statistical Yearbook (United Nations). Reference HA 12.5 .U63
Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific. Reference HA 1665 .S73
The World Bank

Economic History

Economic History Mind Map for related topics

What is Economic History?

What is Capitalism?

What is Socialism?

The American Economy: A Historical Encyclopedia also Reference HC 102 .A 66 2003
Cambridge Economic History List of COD Library books from the Cambridge University Press, very good economic history books on time periods, regions, and countries.
Datapedia of the United States: America Year by Year   Reference HA 202 .D 283 2007
Economic Thought Since Keynes: A History and Dictionary of Major Economists
Economy: History of Women's Participation
Encyclopedia of American Economic History  General HC 103 .E 52 1980
Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History
Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present. also Reference HF 1373 .W 67 2004

50 Economics Classics  and  50 More Economics Classics  (summaries of important books)
FRASER: Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research. Lots of historical statistics.
The Gale Encyclopedia of American Economic History. Reference HC 102 .G 35 1999
Historical Statistics of the United States.  Reference HA 202 .H 57 2006

The History of Economic Thought website
International Historical Statistics series:
.....Africa, Asia, and Oceania, 1750-2005   Reference HA 4675 .M 553 2007
.....Americas, 1750-2005   Reference HA 175 .M 552 2007
.....Europe, 1750-2005   Reference HA 1107 .M 5 2007
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History. Reference HC 15 .O94 2003

Prices and Wages by  Decade, from  the University of Missoui Library
The Value of a Dollar: Colonial Era to the Civil War, 1600-1865, & 1860-2014.   Reference HB 235 .U6
World Economic Historical Statistics   Reference HA 155 .S 23 2005

Some countries were colonies for a long time, so there might not be much economic information about them until they became independent after the Second World War (post-1945). For BOOKS about individual countries or regions, do a keyword search in the Library Catalog. First type in the name of the location, then the word AND, and then type   ("economic history" OR  "economic conditions").  Be sure to put those parentheses around those phrases.  Example:  africa AND ("economic history" OR "economic conditions")


Environmental Economics

Shopping / Consumerism



The First Railroads:  Atlas of Early Railroads.  General  TF 15 .H 39 2017

Historical Atlas of the North American Railroad.  Reference  HE  2701 .H 394 2010

Historical Atlas of World Railroads.  General  G 1046 .P 3 W 4 2009

A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946:  Illinois, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan.  Reference  HE 2761 .C 377 2011

Rand McNally Road Atlas   At both the upstairs and downstairs Reference Desks.

Smithsonian Atlas of World AviationReference  TL 515 .S 525 2008

Trains, Buses, People:  An Opinionated Atlas of U.S. and Canadian Transit

Transit Maps of the World.  Reference  G 1046 .P 33 T 6 2015


The Airline Encyclopedia   Reference  HE 9780 .S 65 2002

The Airline Industry Encyclopedia.  Reference  HF 5343 .E 6 A 5 1992

Chronology of Transportation in the United StatesReference  HE 203 .W 75 2004

Encyclopedia of North American Railroads.  Reference  TF 22 .E 53 2007

Encyclopedia of Transportation:   Social Science and Policy

Geography of Transport Systems (textbook)

Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History.  Reference  VK 15 .O 84 2007

Seas and Waterways of the World:  An Encyclopedia of History, Uses, and IssuesReference  HE 381 .S 43 2010

Transportation [Themes] in U.S. History



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