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Frida Kahlo: Politics


Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting

This book offers a new perspective on the artistic significance of Kahlo and Rivera for the 21st century, one that shows how their paintings reflect both the dramatic story of their lives together and their artistic commitment to the transformative political and cultural values of post-revolutionary Mexico.

Textured Lives

Textured Lives: Women, Art, and Representation in Modern Mexico

Examines the works of women in literature and the arts, with focus on individuals who represent crucial phases in Mexico's cultural history including Frida Kahlo and postrevolutionary nationalism.

Paint the Revolution

Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910-1950

In the wake of the 1910-20 Revolution, Mexico emerged as a centre of modern art. This book offers a comprehensive look at the period that brought Mexico onto the world stage during a period of political upheaval and dramatic social change.

Manifestos and Polemics in Latin American Modern Art

Manifestos and Polemics in Latin American Modern Art

Brings together sixty-five primary documents vital to understanding the history of art in Latin America since 1900. As the title suggests, many of the texts have a polemical or argumentative cast. In these documents, many of which appear in English for the first time, the artists themselves describe what they hope to accomplish and what they see as obstacles.

Communism in Mexico

Communism in Mexico

Traces efforts during the early 20th century to create a Soviet-style society in one of the largest and most strategically situated of the Latin American countries. Schmitt writes authoritatively of the Mexican Communist movement, tracing its development from an early and potentially powerful political-economic base to the increasingly fragmented and weakened collection of parties and front groups of the 1960s.

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