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Inclusive Teaching: Diverse Images for Teaching


Do your students see themselves in the visual materials you use in class? You can contribute to an inclusive class climate by including diverse images of people in the content you create and share. Whether you’re designing your syllabus, handouts, slide decks, or simply adding icons to web content, you can easily expand representation to include a wider range of folx using these resources.

Creative Commons licenses are denoted by CC – for more information about each license, click through to the Creative Commons site.

Read more about icons, representation, and inclusion in this post from the IconFinder blog: The Issue of Diversity in Icon Design.

photograph of a woman of color wearing a headscarf

Example from Images of Empowerment

Image credit: Nina Robinson/Getty Images

Three Black friends sit in comfortable chairs and supportive recliners during an evening conversation. In the middle, a friend with narcolepsy falls asleep smiling while clouds drift behind her head. Her girlfriend sits to the left, holding her hand while talking to another sleepy friend across the table. This friend cups hot cocoa to their chest. Everyone is dressed in colorful t-shirts and there is cozy, warm light throughout the room.

Example from Disabled And Here

Image credit: Jonathan Soren Davidson for Disabled And Here

drawing of a hand holding a flaming bunch of pencils aloft on a red background

Example from The Greats

Image credit: Ilian Iliev

A plus-sized Black woman laughing in a kitchen next to a Black man who is preparing food

Example from AllGo

Image credit: Michael Poley of Poley Creative for AllGo\

Woman of color helping her daughter with homework

Example from PICNOI

Image credit: August de Richelieu

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