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Teaching Portfolio Workshop Series: Home

Welcome to the resource guide for the Faculty Professional Development workshop series on teaching portfolios. We offer these workshops multiple times every fall semester.

Plan Your Teaching Portfolio: Reflecting on Teaching 
There are many reasons for instructors to create teaching portfolios, but the process of doing so can be just as valuable as the end goal. In this session, we’ll consider the teaching portfolio as an opportunity to reflect on our individual teaching practices and consider questions such as Why do we do what we do in the classroom? What theories or ways of thinking shape our practice? How does our philosophy of teaching show up in everything from assignment design to attendance policies? We’ll also look at several portfolio formats, including e-portfolios.

Create Your Teaching Portfolio: Using Digication
Whether you’re creating a teaching portfolio or simply documenting your work, an e-portfolio is an easy, portable way for you to collect and organize materials, record scholarship, or share your work. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to Digication, a freely available e-portfolio platform for faculty, staff, and administrators. Participants will leave with a Digication account and a template for developing an online teaching portfolio.


If you have any questions about these resources, reach out to the Faculty Chair of Professional Development at

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