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"Information literacy is a spectrum of abilities, practices, and habits of mind that extends and deepens learning through engagement with the information ecosystem. It includes 

  • understanding essential concepts about that ecosystem;
  • engaging in creative inquiry and critical reflection to develop questions and to find, evaluate, and manage information through an iterative process;
  • creating new knowledge through ethical participation in communities of learning, scholarship, and civic purpose; and
  • adopting a strategic view of the interests, biases, and assumptions present in the information ecosystem."

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Draft 3. November 2014.

The mission of the Library's Information Literacy Instruction Program is to teach students to be effective users and producers of ideas and information. The program provides students with varied opportunities for acquiring the needed knowledge and skills to become information literate.

If you are interested in learning how you can incorporate information literacy instruction into your curriculum, classes or assignments, please contact your division liaison librarian or call the Reference Desk at 630-942-3364.


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