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Information Literacy Instruction Program: About

About COD Library's IL Instruction


The mission of the Library's Information Literacy Instruction Program is to teach students to be effective users and producers of ideas and information.The program provides students with varied opportunities for acquiring the needed knowledge and skills to become information literate.


The Information Literacy Instruction Program will reach all College of DuPage students to positively impact the ways that they interact with information in their academic, personal and professional lives. The program will promote the development of thinking and reasoning skills while also teaching access and relevant technology skills.The College as a whole will advocate and support the acquisition of information literacy skills through a collaborative model of teaching and learning in all disciplines and programs.


We believe that information literacy is more than knowing how to conduct research in a library. An information literate person has ultimately learned how to learn. An information literate person through an understanding of the structure of the information world is able to find, select and use information, regardless of format or location. This person uses information in the processes of problem-solving and decision-making in his or her academic, personal and professional lives.

Collaboration is key to a successful program. We believe that Library faculty and discipline faculty must be dedicated partners in teaching students to become information literate. We value teaching styles that facilitate a student's active participation in learning.

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