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Horticulture 1100 Online Scavenger Hunt: Home

Horticulture Library Scavenger Hunt

This lab will introduce you to the Library website and using the Library catalog. You'll also learn how to get a library card and a LinkedIn Learning account, and use the Horticulture research guide. You will do a brief lab activity that will be submitted to your instructor via BlackBoard.

This exercise has five sections and should take no more than one hour to complete.


How to complete this activity:

  1. Download the lab worksheet (at the bottom of this page) and save it to your computer before filling it in.
  2. Read through the lab sheet to see what questions are being asked.
  3. Review the five sections below to find answers to the questions and complete the assignments.
  4. Fill out the lab sheet and submit it via BlackBoard


1) Library cards

To check out a book, DVD, or other physical item from the library, you will need a library card. To get a library card, you can:

  • Activate your student ID online
  • Request a library card online to be mailed to you
  • Have your student ID printed and activated in the library at one of the Circulation Desks

Go to: for more information about all these options.


2) Online Resources

To activate the library's online resources, you do NOT need a library card.

Instead you will use your MyAccess username and password (same as for email, blackboard, etc.) when prompted for a login.

With this login, you can read ebooks, access online articles, videos, and images, and more.


3) LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (LIL) is a vast online library of 15,000 high-quality instructional videos. These videos cover a variety of topics such as software training, business and creative skills, and study skills. This is different than the LinkedIn account you may already have for networking!

You will need a LinkedIn Learning account to use in future Horticulture classes at COD, so it's best to sign up now!

Learn more about LIL and how to sign up for your account here: to

4) Horticulture Research Guide

Librarians at the COD library (like me, hi!) create and maintain research guides to support different departments in the college. Horticulture has its own guide.

View the video below to find out how to get to the Horticulture research guide and the types of resources you might find there.


5) Using the Library Catalog

The Library Catalog is where you can find books, ebooks, DVDs, and more. Your lab activity requires you to find a book and certain information about it, so you'll know how to do it for later!

Here's a quick video on how to find your book in the catalog:

You can get to the library catalog from the search bar on the library homepage.

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