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Horticulture 1100 Plant Information Sheet: Project Introduction

The Scenario

Imagine... You are working in a nursery that is open to the general public. Your manager has tasked you with developing a series of information sheets on common foliage plants for customers. These handouts will be used to increase sales and to help customers to learn about and be successful with their plant.

You want... to make sure you're sharing accurate and helpful information for customers. Maybe you also want to impress your manager with your research skills.

The Project

There are three deliverables for this project.

1) A plant information sheet on a foliage plant of your choice. The information sheet must include the following information:

  • Scientific Name & Family
  • Pronunciation (if available)
  • Plant Type
  • Common Names
  • Origin & Geography
  • USDA Zone
  • Uses & Care
  • Light Requirements
  • Water Requirements
  • Cultivars
  • Propagation
  • Pests
  • Diseases
  • Narrative description
  • Picture

2) An APA-Style Bibliography of 5 sources.

  • Three sources are ones you have determined are accurate and appropriate for this project. They are cited in the plant information sheet (in parentheses) so that you, your manager (and your instructor) know where you found the information.
  • Two sources are ones you have determined are not accurate or appropriate for this project. These are NOT used for the plant information sheet. They are in the bibliography to demonstrate your process of evaluating sources; not everything you find is going to be accurate and appropriate for the project.

3) An evaluation worksheet for ONE of the sources you decided was NOT accurate or appropriate for this project. Answer the questions on the The Source and Beyond The Source chart as thoroughly as you can. Afterwards, explain how you came to the decision not to use this source.

The Requirements

For this project you need to:

  • Select and review five sources.
  • Create a Plant Information Sheet using information from three of the five sources you reviewed (the ones you think are best).
    • You can use the provided MSWord template or Google Docs template, or get creative.
    • Your sheet must be well-organized and look professional.
    • You must include all the required information.
  • The information sheet should be no more than two pages long. It should include parenthetical references.
  • Create a bibliography of five sources in APA Style.
  • Complete website evaluation write-up for ONE source.
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