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Horticulture 1100 Plant Information Sheet: Grading


Your plant information sheet project will be graded using the following criteria. Your Hort 1100 instructor will give you specific details about grading.

  • Accuracy: The student followed the directions for the assignment. (10 pts.)
  • Completeness: All elements of the project are complete. (10 pts)
  • Resource Quality: The web resources chosen for the project are of sufficient quality. The web resources utilized in the project are appropriate for College-level work. (8 pts.)
  • Citations: The APA-style was applied accurately in both the in-text citations and the bibliography. (7 pts.)
  • CARP Evaluation: The evaluation sheet demonstrates the student's depth of thinking about the website and use of the CARP criteria. (8 pts.)
  • Writing and Grammar: The project is without grammatical or spelling errors. Writing is concise. (7 pts.)
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