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Horticulture 1100 Plant Information Sheet: How-To


The Steps & Time

These steps will help you use your time effectively. It should take approximately four hours to complete this project, including the review of assignment resources.

  1. FIRST, READ THROUGH the assignment, review the template and example, review the Resources.
  2. Know your plant's scientific name and some of its common name/s. You can choose any foliage plant except the Peperomia. If you need help choosing a plant, consult your instructor.
  3. Use your favorite search engine to find information on your plant. Search using the scientific name first.
  4. Review several websites. Compare sites for both unique and common information about your plant. Use the Terminology list to help you narrow down your choices.
  5. Choose five (5) websites to use in your assignment. Evaluate them closely using the CARP criteria (See Resources).
  6. Of the five websites you evaluated, choose three (3) that provide what you perceive to be best and most consistent information about your plant.
  7. Using the template provided, write up the information about the plant. Use parenthetical references for your three sources.
  8. Use google images to find an image of your plant. Save it to your computer so you can use it in your project. Make sure to note the image URL.
  9. Create a bibliography of all five websites that you reviewed.
  10. Complete the web evaluation worksheet on one of the websites you DID NOT use in your plant information sheet.
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