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Horticulture 1100 Plant Information Sheet: Project


Project Summary

Create an information sheet about a foliage plant that references three (3) web resources and includes one image.

This project has three deliverables:

  1. A plant information sheet that references three websites and includes one image.
  2. An APA-style bibliography of five (5) websites.
  3. A completed evaluation worksheet on one website.

What's Required

  • Select and review five websites.
  • Complete the Plant Information Sheet template using information from three (3) of the five websites you reviewed.
  • Use the provided MSWord template or google docs template. (You can create one of your own, but make sure it has all of the elements. See Documents.)
  • The information sheet should be no more than two pages long. It should include parenthetical references.
  • Create a bibliography of five (5) websites in APA-Style.
  • Complete website evaluation worksheet.
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