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Psychology: Websites


COD Psychology Academic Program

COD Counseling Help

American Psychological Association (APA)

APA Psychology Self Help Center

Illinois Psychological Association (IPA)

Midwest Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology (MISTOP)

Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA)

Mindscape Commons training video database

Psych Web. Includes links to classic psychology books, career information, college and university psychology departments, other "megalists" of Web resources, and online psychology journals.

Dr. Michael Fenichel's Current Topics in Psychology. Provides full-text sources drawn from various kinds of publications for professionals, parents, and students.

Mental Help Net. A full-text resource for information regarding mental health, mental illness, and various treatments. Includes an extensive "self-help" section.

National Institute of Mental Health. Includes information on mental health topics as well as resources to find funding and treatment.

MedlinePlus: National Library of Medicine: Mental Health. Latest news, overviews, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, specific conditions/aspects, alternative therapy, nutrition, statistics, etc.

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