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Speech Language Pathology Assistant: Books

This guide is a starting point for locating Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) and Speech Language Pathology (SLP) books, videos, anatomical models, journal articles, and credible websites.

The menu on the right will help you research, locate, evaluate and cite resources in APA style.

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Search the Library Catalog

Use our catalog to find books, videos, and other resources in our collections.

Advanced Search

Keyword Searching

Do a keyword search of the Library catalog using words that are specific to your topic. Try using specific keywords, such as proper names, combining several keywords, or using keyword phrases. For example:

  • (speech AND language) AND (career* OR job*)
  • (speech OR audiol*) AND (therap* OR rehab*)

General Keywords:
speech-language pathology; speech therapy; communication sciences and disorders; speech and language development; phonology; morphology; semantics; syntax; pragmatics; voice; fluency; swallowing; children; families; students; speech-language professionals; speech and language research

Or search for specific condition/disease/disorder or therapy/treatment:

Example Disorders:
stuttering, hearing loss, aphasia, childhood language delays, articulation delays, phonological delays, laryngectomy

Example Therapies:
language therapy, articulation therapy, phonological therapy, plastic surgery to repair cleft palate, alaryngeal speech rehabilitation, passy muir valves, hearing aids, foreign accent modification

For more tips on creating keyword searches, see the Articles section of this guide

Once you find some items, you can use subject headings to find other items that cover the same topic.

Subject Searching

Try these subjects to browse the General and Reference Collections
aphasia speech therapists
articulation disorders speech therapy
language acquisition stuttering
mutism voice disorders
speech disorders  

Reference Sources

Reference materials are well indexed, up-to-date, concise, and highly credible. They provide overviews, definitions, specific information (such as causes & symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, prognosis, etc) or addresses. Types of reference books include: directories, dictionaries and encyclopedias, basic health books (describing diseases and conditions), and drug resources.

Electronic Reference

Physical Reference

Conn's Current Therapy REF RM101 .C87

Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment REF RC71 .A14

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary REF R 121.D73 (Ready Reference--located at our reference desks)

Goldman's Cecil Medicine REF RC46 .C423

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine REF RC46 .H333

Call Number Ranges

Use these call number ranges to browse our collection shelves.

Also look for e-books and streaming videos

Call Number Subject
BF 251 Hearing, Psychology
BF 455 Psychology of Language and Speech
BF 723.C57 Child Psychology Communication
LB 3251-3454 School Health Services
LC 4028 Language and Learning
P 118 Early Language Acquisition/Emergent Lexicon
P 221 Phonetics
QM 251 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech
QM 507 Human Anatomy - Ear
QP 86 Physiology of Aging
QP 306 Physiology of Voice and Speech
QP 461 - QP 471 Neurophysiology - Hearing - Physiological Acoustics
RC 423 Communication Disorders
RC 424 Stuttering
RC 424.7 Articulation Disorders
RC 425 Aphasia
RF 110 - RF 285 Otology - Diseases of the Ear
RF 290 - RF 294 Audiology - Hearing Disorders
RF 294.5 Audiology - Special Tests and Methods
RF 298 - RF 310 Hearing Disorders - Instruments
RF 510 Diseases of the Larynx, Vocal Cords. Instrumentation
RJ 496 Language and Communication Disorders in Children


Recommended Titles

Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

A singularly comprehensive resource for students in speech-language pathology and audiology as they prepare for their professional careers.

Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

Written specifically with speech-language pathology assistants (SLPAs) in mind, a practical, easy-to-use manual

Phonological Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children

provides speech-language pathologists with a road map for implementation of selected treatment methods that can have a significant, positive impact on children's speech intelligibility and communicative effectiveness

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