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Economics: Books

Call Number Ranges

Search the Library Catalog by clicking here to find books and videos available at the COD Library.   Help Using the Library Catalog

Books on the broad subject of Economics can be found in the "HB" and "HC" call number areas of the General Collection and the Reference Collection.

Some selected new  books are highlighted here, and a longer list can be found here.

Many books on the Economic aspects of various ethnic / culture groups, or issues or events, or countries / regions, will be found under other call numbers.  Use the Library Catalog to search for these books by keyword. 

One sample search might be something like:  Brazil AND econom*                 Or just a single word:  poverty

The asterisks at the end of the word are truncation features, and allow you to pick up variations of the word:

economy or economies or economic or economics      without having to type out separately all the variations of a word.

E-book databases     and     Online Video databases

Items on Course Reserve at the downstairs Library Circulation Desk


Outline of the Library of Congress Classification System (what COD uses to arrange its books on the shelves).

Want to know where specific collections are located?  Check out the maps of the Library's upper and lower floors.  

Selected New Books

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is everywhere, whether used by governments to shape our judgment and decision making, advertisers and marketers to sell products, or even politicians to sell policies, its insights are important and far-reaching. The book looks at the psychological processes which mediate all the economic judgments and decisions we make.

Trade Wars

Will new tariffs help or hurt the United States and its traditional allies? How will U.S. industries be affected? With newer, more severe tariffs in place, bringing tariff retaliation from other trading partners, the future of trade relationships is shifting and uncertain.

The Rise of the Curator Class

Pairing "big ideas" in marketing with the popular activity of content curation, The Rise of the Curator Class positions curation as a "humanization" movement that is restructuring the internet. 

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