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Constitution of the United States: Books


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Selected New Books

The Soul of the First Amendment

A lively and controversial overview by the nation's most celebrated First Amendment lawyer of the unique protections for freedom of speech in America. The Soul of the First Amendment by Floyd Abrams is an extended argument supporting the many freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. 

The Heart of the Constitution

This is the untold story of the most celebrated part of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights that emerges from Magliocca's fresh historical examination is a living text that means something different for each generation and reflects the great ideas of the Constitution - individual freedom, democracy, states' rights, judicial review, and national power in time of crisis.

Interpreting the Bill of Rights

The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution were written to safeguard individual liberties and limit government power. Was the Bill of Rights necessary, or did it open up a can of worms the framers didn't intend? Throughout the course of U.S. history, amendments have been subject to various interpretations, often to the point of contention. In this informative anthology, readers will be exposed to the complex issues of interpreting a document that was created more than two hundred years ago.

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