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Finding & Using Ebooks: Home

Finding Ebooks
  1. Use the Library Catalog
    The Library catalog searches many of the Library's ebook collections. When doing basic catalog searches, your results will include many ebooks. If you are searching from off campus, you'll need to login with your COD credentials to access full ebook content.
  2. Use individual ebook gateways Not all of our ebook collections are searchable using the Library catalog. This is especially true for some our smaller and more specialized collections. To access ebooks in those collections, you'll need to search those collections directly.

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Reading Ebooks Online

Most ebooks in the Library's academic ebook collections can be read directly within a browser on any device including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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Saving Ebooks to Your Computer

To save, read, and manage ebooks offline on your device, you generally need to download additional software. Common software required to do this includes:

  • Adobe Digital Editions

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Special Ebook Collections

Some of our most popular ebook collections require either signing up for personal accounts or following unique processes for access. If you're having trouble using these collections, find detalied help below:

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