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Research: Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Rowe, J., Leuzinger, J., Hargis, C., & Harker, K. R. (2021). The Impact of Library Instruction on Undergraduate Student Success: A Four-Year Study. College & Research Libraries82(1), 7-18.

"While participating in library instruction is not solely responsible for student success in the form of higher student retention rates or increase in GPA, when considered together, as discussed in the literature review, it is very compelling evidence to suggest a relationship between library instruction and student success. This increase, coupled with the more likely pass rate for students who participated in library instruction, provides evidence that attending library instruction correlates to student success."


Junisbai, B., Lowe, M. S., & Tagge, N. (2016). A Pragmatic and Flexible Approach to Information Literacy: Findings from a Three-Year Study of Faculty-Librarian Collaboration. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 42(5), 604–611.

"Results from our three-year study demonstrate that faculty collaboration with librarians has a significant impact on students' demonstrated information literacy skills. Through collaboration both in class and behind the scenes, librarians and faculty jointly provide strategic, systematic instruction to produce information-literate graduates and—in the longer run—engaged, socially responsible citizens. Our results further reveal a faculty-librarian collaboration “sweet spot” at the intermediate level...faculty-librarian collaboration on assignment and syllabus development, followed by one or two strategically placed library class sessions, produced the greatest gains."

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