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Fashion: Articles

Use databases to locate journal, magazine, newspaper or specialized articles. You can also use databases to find images. You will need your COD MyAccess username and password to access these resources from off-campus. 

Best Bets

Use the right database for your research purpose. If you are looking for business articles, use a business database. If you want articles about art and design, look in an art database first. If you aren't sure what you are looking for, get started by using a general database like Associates Program Source.

Fashion Magazines

You can search and browse fashion magazines such as Vogue and Allure in Flipster and OverDrive



In Flipsterlook on the left-hand side of the page for a section called "Categories" and then select "Fashion." This will bring you to a list of titles. Select one title to see the most recent issue of the magazine. 

To browse older issues of a title, first click into the newest issue. Then, look in the upper-right hand corner for a series of icons, such as a book and a magnifying glass. Find the icon that looks like two books standing upright with a third leaning against them (see below). Click on this, and you can see all the back issues that are in Flipster. 

A close-up screenshot from Flipster showing the upper-right hand corner of the magazine, and a series of icons. An arrow points at an icon which looks like three books where you can find additional issues.




In Overdrive, look in the upper-left hand corner for a link called "subjects". Select that, and you will see a list of subjects, divided by the type of resource (books, audiobooks, etc.)

Once here, look for the tab for "Magazines" (or scroll down to the "Magazines" section). This will give you a list of magazine subjects; now you just need to click on "fashion"!

To see back issues of a magazine in Overdrive, click into the magazine you want, and look for a button called "select another issue." This will open a drop-down menu that lets you select earlier issues.


Find news articles from a wide variety of papers, from the Chicago Tribune to the Wall Street Journal in our Newspaper Databases.

Other Choices

Also see the Fashion Databases page for other useful resources. 

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