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Human Services: Research Toolkit

Specialized Research Tools

A definition of a Mind Map or Concept Map

Data Visualization

Scientific Method

Scientific Method mind map for  related terms and concepts

Writing the Annotated Bibliography from Purdue OWL

Writing and Reading Assistance at the Learning Commons

List of COD databases for finding statistics

Asset Assessments and Community Social Work Practice. 
General HV 40 .D 4393 2013
Making Sense of Research: An Introduction for Health and Social Care Practitioners. General Q 180.55 .M 4 H 45 2006
A Practical Guide to Evaluation [of Agencies]. General HV 40 .B 874 2014
Program Evaluation Theory and Practice : A Comprehensive Guide.
Quantitative Research Methods for Social Work. 
General HV 11 .T 428 2017
Social Work Research: Methods for the Helping Professions. General HV 11 .P 64 1975

Writing Analytical Assessments in Social Work

Writing for Social Work Students.  General  HV  29.7 .R 67 2021

Cross-Cultural Research Methods
Double Consciousness : Hegemonic Psychology and the Politics of Ethnic Minority Research

How Do I...

General Research Tools

Citing Sources
Examples and tools for creating APA, MLA, and other types of citations
Evaluating Sources
Learn to critically examine information sources for academic and everyday purposes
Research Fundamentals
This guide is a starting point for researching and documenting your work
Assignment Calculator
Use the Assignment Calculator to help plan your research assignments
Library Workshops
Our free workshops cover advanced research methods, our premium online research tools, and new and emerging technology.
Learning Commons
Get Math and Writing, Reading, and Speech assistance or tutoring or testing help.

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