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This guide provides resources that one can use to research various topics in the fields of Library Operations and Information Technology.

Below is information about the Library and Information Technology program here at the College of DuPage.

Other resources are listed over on the right side of this guide.

Be sure to ask for help if you have questions or problems.

COD Library and Information Technology academic program

COD Counseling Help

College Success Skills

Course Information

COD Library and Information Technology Academic Program home page

Items on Course Reserve at the downstairs Library Circulation Desk

The sections below will provide some useful information for the LIT courses.

Not every course section has information just yet.

Other specific resources will be listed on the Course Syllabus or announced by the Course Instructor.

Office Technology Library Research Guide

Diversity and Libraries:  Diversity Audits Research Guide

LIBRA 1101, Introduction to Libraries and the Information Age

Library Mind Map - for related ideas and concepts                                                                        

Background Readings

Digital Libraries



Library Services

Public Libraries

University Libraries

LIBRA 1102, Introduction to Reference and Information Services

Background Readings

Reference Works

Electronic Reference Works




Biographical Dictionary




Cross - Reference







Online Research

Reference Interview

Scholarly Journals

Union Catalog

Other Reference Sources

The COD Library has many different types of reference resources:  in print and electronic format, and they may be broad/general or narrow/subject specific in focus and content.  Check the COD Library Catalog, the various subject Research Guides, the Reference Book databases, your local Public Library, and the Internet, to find items that might answer your questions.

Some General Reference Sources

Some Library Science Reference Sources


LIBRA 1103, Acquistion of Library Materials

LIBRA 1105, Readers Advisory

LIBRA 2200, Serving the Public in Today's Libraries

LIBRA 2400, Library Technology

Background Readings

Assistive Technology Devices


Computer Languages

Computer Software


Internet Filters in Schools and Libraries

Libraries and Computing

Library Technologies


Reference Works

Digital Literacy:  Skills and Strategies.   Reference QA 76.9 .C 64 D 5558 2022

Encyclopedia of Computer Science

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology   Reference  Z 1006 .E 566 2005

Encyclopedia of Terminology for Educational  Communications and Technology.  Reference  LB 1028.3 .E 53 2013

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

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