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Nursing: Assignment & Resource Tips


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Nursing Resource Overview & Your Librarian Lifeline

The COD Library's electronic and print resources are designed to support all of your nursing education and practice needs.
As your "personal librarian," I'm here to help you find the best resources. Please reach out ( and set up an individual or small group appointment with me.
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HESI Books

The Library has multiple copies of HESI books in the HESI Course Reserve.

There are 3 different HESI items.

One is for the Nursing Admission Exam (specific name of that test is HESI A2.) Students take this exam in order to gain admittance into the ADN Program.  However, any nursing entrance exam test prep resource will work because they all test the same content: math, science, and verbal skills. In addition to the “official” entrance study guides, these more generic nursing exam prep books may be useful. In addition, ACT and SAT review books may be helpful in preparing for nursing admission exams.

The other two HESI books measure learning post program and indicates prep and readiness for either the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN. These books would be sought out by COD Nurses that want to get their PN licensure (after completing the first year of the 2-year ADN program) or their RN licensure upon completion of the 2-year ADN program.

Check the Library Catalog for HESI book availability and duration of check out.

NURSI 1230

Need help making your patient education trifold brochure?

The good news is that there are a lot of templates available to assist you in creating both trifold and bifold brochures.

Microsoft Office products (including Office 365, PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher) all have trifold (and bifold) brochure templates.

If you do a simple Google Search for trifold brochure templates a bunch of options will pop up including templates/directions for making them in Office products (mentioned above) as well as with Google Docs and more.

Need help getting started? You can always stop by the Library's Computing Support & Printing Services Desk (located on the main floor of the Library) or at either of the Library's Reference Desks (conveniently located on each floor of the Library) for some one-on-one assistance.

Tips on creating concept maps:

For video tutorials on creating nursing concept maps, go to YouTube and search for nursing concept maps. There are a lot of examples available! Here's one to get you started.

Nursing Concept Maps: How To Create Them For Nursing School (Mini-Training)


Concept maps are vital to your study success in nursing school. In this video we'll cover why concept maps are so important, the main categories you should include in each concept map you make during nursing school, and 4 specific questions to ask as you create your concept maps (to help you totally ROCK them).

If you're interested in text-based explanations, stick to Google, or your search engine of choice, and search for nursing concept maps.

Tailor your search terms to get the type of concept map information that you really need. For example, you might search for nursing concept map templates.  Another tip is to do an image search for nursing concept maps, nursing care plan concept maps, or you can even try to search for nursing concept maps on specific topics just to see what is out there (for example, search for nursing concept map hypertension). Concept maps are popular in nursing and many students and nurses have shared their creations online in a variety of formats.

Concept maps need to contain all the information in your assignment rubric, but how you choose to display that material is up to you and your personal style/preference. Just remember that the visual map needs to be clear and understandable to not just you, but also to your intended audience.

NURSI 2320

Struggling with PICO? Here are two excellent online tutorials:
Ethics Paper Tips

Use CINAHL to research your ethics topic because:

  • CINAHL subject headings help you locate more relevant articles.
    • For example, the keyword phrase "withdrawal of care" will map to the CINAHL subject heading "euthanasia, passive"
    • Recall that CINAHL subheadings include: ethical issues
  • CINAHL Limiters include: peer-reviewed, publication date, type of article (case study, research article, etc), and journal subset NURSING
    • HINT: limiting to case study is not always necessary because many nursing articles contain case studies. Nurses LOVE to teach with examples and case studies are often the examples used! Take the time to review your results and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of nursing articles (that are not listed as being case studies) do, in fact, contain case studies
  • CINAHL allows limiting results to geographical area
    • This limiter is useful when you want to only retrieve nursing articles from the US, for example, but when researching ethical issues, you may not wish to set this limiter. Ethical issues like withdrawal of care, right to refuse treatment, or privacy/confidentiality are relevant no matter where nurses reside. The only thing to take into consideration are the individual laws/regulations of specific places.

Requesting Articles

If you find a citation for an article that you'd like, but no full-text is available (or you're being asked to pay for the article)...

Follow the steps below: 

  1. Start by searching the journal name (NOT the article title) Journal Locator.
  2. If the result indicates that the journal is available in a COD database, click on the database link and search by article title. 
  3. If there are no relevant results, go to InterLibrary Loan forms.   
  4. Fill out the Article form.  In about 3-5 business days, an electronic copy of the article will be delivered to your email.

NURSI 2330

Use Debra's helpful handouts to assist you with you discussion board post APA citations as well as with your legislative issues assignment:

Remember to utilize the APA resources included in the Research Toolkit section of this research guide (see blue, right-hand navigation bar). offers a wide variety of helpful resources. Under the Instructional Aids section of APA's  website, you'll find handouts, checklists as well as Sample APA Student Paper Templates (in Word format).

In-text citation TIP:

In-text citation is covered in Chapter 8 of the APA Style Manual, Seventh Edition.

For online in-text citation examples, see:

Note that most COD nursing instructors prefer that you use all three in-text citation elements when summarizing just as you are required to do for direct quotes. Instructors want to quickly and easily locate the passage(s) that you are paraphrasing. When in doubt, check with your instructor! example: (Evans, 2019, p. 498)

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