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Professional Development Resources: Learning Technologies

Selected Titles

Intentional Tech: Principles to Guide the Use of Educational Technology in College Teaching

Arguing that teaching and learning goals should drive instructors' technology use, not the other way around, Intentional Tech explores seven research-based principles for matching technology to pedagogy. Through stories of instructors who creatively and effectively use educational technology, author Derek Bruff approaches technology not by asking "How to?" but by posing a more fundamental question: "Why?"

Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology

The Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology is an authoritative and up-to-date survey of the fast-growing field of learning technology, from its foundational theories and practices to its challenges, trends, and future developments. Offers an examination of learning technology that is equal parts theoretical and practical, covering both the technology of learning and the use of technology in learning.

Managing Technology in Higher Education

Universities continue to struggle in their efforts to fully integrate information and communications technology within their activities. Based on examination of current practices in technology integration at 25 universities worldwide, this book argues for a radical approach to the management of technology in higher education.

Current Issues in Emerging eLearning (e-journal)
Current Issues in Emerging eLearning (CIEE) is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal of research and critical thought on eLearning practice and emerging pedagogical methods. The journal is published by the Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning, and sponsored by the College of Advancing and Professional Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

EDUCAUSE Review (e-jounal)
EDUCAUSE Review® is the association's open-access digital flagship publication for the higher education IT community. The magazine takes a broad look at current developments and trends in information technology, how they may affect the college/university as an institution, and what these mean for higher education and society. Our contributed content also offers practical advice and guidance, interactive elements, and multimedia about managing and using information resources in higher education.

Educational Technology Research and Development (e-journal)
Educational Technology Research and Development is the only scholarly journal in the field focusing entirely on research and development in educational technology. A bi-monthly publication of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology.

Journal of Interactive Media in Education (e-journal)
JIME is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal in educational technology that focuses on the implications and use of digital media in higher or post-compulsory education. It aims to foster a multidisciplinary and intellectually rigorous debate on both the theory and practice of interactive media in higher or post-compulsory education.  JIME was launched in September, 1996.

Research in Learning Technology (e-journal)
Research in Learning Technology (RLT) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published by the Association for Learning Technology. RLT aims to raise the profile of research in learning technology, encouraging research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy. RLT publishes articles in the following broad areas: technology-enhanced learning, online learning, distance learning, mobile learning, flexible learning, wearable technologies, simulation, learning environments, learning spaces, pedagogy, open educational practice, and social media.

Campus Technology
Campus Technology is one of higher education's top information sources — delivering valuable information via a daily site, newsletters, webinars, podcast and virtual summits. It's the go-to resource for campus professionals — providing in-depth coverage on the technologies and implementations influencing colleges and universities across the nation. You'll discover valuable hands-on articles, best practices, industry trends, expert advice and insightful articles to help administrators, campus executives, technologists and educators plan, develop and successfully launch effective IT initiatives.

EDTech Focus on Higher Education
EdTech: Focus on Higher Education explores technology and education issues that IT leaders and educators face when they’re evaluating and implementing a solution. EdTech: Focus on Higher Education is published by CDW which is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Ill.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. We equip our community with the knowledge, resources, and community-building opportunities needed to help shape strategic IT decisions at every level in higher education.
We welcome diversity—in viewpoints and experience—and believe in the transformative power of uncommon thinking for the common good.

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