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Zotero: Manage Your Library


Your Zotero library has three columns. On the left, you will find all of your folders. The center contains the items that make up a specific folder. On the right are information, notes, and tags for individual items. 

My Library

My Library lists everything you have collected using Zotero. It can be helpful to use folders to organize your items. These items will then be in both places, the designated folder and My Library. 



Add folders and sub-folders using the icon on the top left. You can create as many as you like. 

Search for Items

Search for items you have added to your library by using the basic keyword search box on the top right. Or search for more specific elements of your items using the Advanced Search. Open the Advanced Search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the top left.

Delete Items

All of your items are in My Library. They may also be in folders if you have put them there. If you delete something from a folder, it is still in My Library. If you delete something from My Library it is gone from everywhere. 

Select the item you wish to delete. 

Press the Delete key on your keyboard OR right click and select Move Item to Trash.


The Info tab on the right will show all the information that Zotero imported from the database or catalog about your item. 


You can add annotations for an annotated bibliography using the Extra box in the Info tab on the right.




Select the item you would like to add your own notes to.

Select the Notes tab on the right.

Click Add. 

Enter your notes in the window. They will automatically save.


Tags from the database or catalog record for your item will automatically appear. These are the orange colored tags. You can also add your own tags. These will appear as blue tags. 

Select the item you would like to add a tag to.

Select the Tags tab on the right. 

Click the Add button. 

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