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Zotero: Use with Google Docs

Once you have downloaded Zotero, it is integrated with Google Docs. With just a few clicks, you can automatically add in-text citations and generate your bibliography.

In-Text Citations in Google Docs

Click in the spot in the document where the in-text citation should go.

Click on the Zotero tab at the top.


The Zotero menu will appear. 

Click on Add/edit citation.


Choose your citation style and click OK.

Search your Zotero library by keyword in the box that appears. 


Or click on the Zotero icon in the search box to switch to Classic View.


You can now browse your Zotero library. 

Click on the correct item for your in-text citation and click OK. 


The in-text citation, in proper format, is inserted into your Google document. 

Bibliographies in Google Docs

Once you have finished your paper and inserted all of your in-text citations, Zotero will generate your whole bibliography for you. Click in the spot in your document where you would like your bibliography to appear. 

In the Zotero tab, click on Add/edit bibliography.

The bibliography, in proper format, is inserted into your Google doc. 

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