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LGBT+ Pride Month: COD and Community Resources

COD and the LGBT+ Community

No photo description available.Information about LGBTQIA+ groups on campus, such as the student group Pride Alliance, and Safe Zone training for students, faculty, and staff, can be found at the COD and the LGBTQIA+ Community resource page.

The Frequently Asked Questions for LGBTQIA+ students page provides information on how to change names and pronouns in the computer system/on student IDs, where to go for help, and how to report bias incidents or hate crimes.

COD's Counseling Services supports the emotional well-being of students by offering short-term, confidential, personal counseling to admitted College of DuPage students at no additional cost.

The Center for Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion promotes initiatives to support students of "all ethnic and cultural backgrounds" at COD.

Interested in studying LGBTQ+ issues in a college setting? Check out COD's Human Services Academic Program, Psychology Academic Program, and/or Sociology Academic Program.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

As of 2022, the College of Dupage has 6 single-stall, gender inclusive restrooms on the Main Campus. See the Gender Inclusive Restroom page for more information.

Berg Information Center (BIC), Room 2522
Single-stall restroom located on the second floor near Stair 8 and the Testing Center File:Gender Neutral Toilet Sign.svg

Health Sciences Center (HSC), Room 1207
Single-stall restroom located across from the Dental Hygiene Clinic

Health Sciences Center (HSC), Room 3315
Single-stall restroom located on the third floor on the east end near the stairs.

Health Sciences Center (HSC), Room 3317
Single-stall restroom located on the third floor on the east end near the stairs.

Physical Education Center (PEC), Room 126
Family restroom/locker room near PE Offices.

Physical Education Center (PEC), Room 139
Family restroom/locker room/pool entry near the Dance Studio entrance.

Community Resources

PFLAG DuPage is the local chapter of a national non-profit organization with over 400 chapters and 200,000 members and supporters. This chapter offers monthly meetings, special events, and various other resources.

Youth Outlook is the first social service agency in Illinois solely dedicated to the support of LGBTQ+ youth... in 6 counties in the Chicago Suburbs. Youth Outlook offers drop-in centers (including virtual meetings) for youth, parent support, and community education.

C.R.I.S. Community Resource Information System [DuPage County] is a fast and easy way to obtain basic information on social service programs throughout DuPage County [ Mozilla Firefox browser is recommended, Internet Explorer sometimes does not display correctly].

District Residents

Wondering what you can access when you're not a student? Our district resident borrowing guide has the answers.

District residents can access the databases on this list from home, and these 205 databases from on-campus.

And when in doubt, remember to Ask a Librarian!

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