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COD Library Student Research Symposium: Research Awards

Research Awards

Because we believe that students learn through both the process of research and the process of reflecting on what they have experienced/created, the Library is excited to be able to offer Research Awards to some of our presenters.

Students are able to compete for our Research Awards through their submission of their project bibliography/works cited as well as their completion of a 2-3 page Research Process Essay, which focuses on what the student learned about research by completing this project. Research Process essay submissions and bibliographies are then judged by a panel of librarians according to a rubric.  

The competition for the Research Award is voluntary; presenters who do not wish to be eligible for the award do not need to write a Research Process essay. 

See the links below for the Research Process Essay Prompt and Rubric.

For the May 2024 Symposium, we are pleased to offer the following awards to our presenters: 

  • First Place: $750
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $250
  • Honorable Mentions: $100
  • Original Research Award: $750  (see the box below for details on how to apply for this award)

Students must present at the Symposium to be eligible for an award. 

Original Research Award

The Library is excited to announce a new award for students working on original research. This award celebrates students creating new knowledge based on their own original research.

Examples of work eligible for this award include:

  • Administering a survey
  • Conducting interviews
  • Running an experiment in a lab
  • Participating in fieldwork
  • Developing usability tests on products or services
  • Replicating a published study to determine if the results remain the same

Students who would like to apply for this award should indicate that on the submission form and complete a reflective essay.

Students must present their research at the COD Library Student Research Symposium to be eligible for the award.

Award amount: $750

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