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COD Library Student Research Symposium: Event Details and Program

Details for Presenters

The Symposium is arranged like an academic conference: student presenters will be assigned a time slot and a room in which to present.  Most presenters get up to 15 minutes to share their work with an audience, and then can answer questions from the audience.  

We welcome a variety of presentation formats, from traditional presentations with PowerPoint or Google Slides, to read papers, to performances that are grounded in research, but we do ask that you plan to stick to your presentation time limit; it's most fair to other presenters!

In the week before your presentation, your room moderator will reach out to you to discuss details about your presentation, answer questions you may have, and help you to feel comfortable and confident in your room. 

Symposium Program

Check this space for details about who will be presenting in early May 2023. 

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