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Women in STEM Mentorship Program: Women in STEM

The COD Library has a number of books, articles, films, and other resources about Women in STEM.  This page begins with a partial list of resources in the library and then follows with information about how to research other women in STEM.  

Questions?  Please contact me at the information to the right. 

Many of you will be able to find historical information about your scientist in COD Library print materials.  Have questions about where any book on this list might be?  Ask at the Library reference desk or take a look at the lower level library collections map

Not finding what you need? You will want to do a general catalog search for your scientist or molecule in the catalog to see what else exists.  You can search by your scientist's name, or by their discovery/creation, or by Women Scientists as a subject search if you want to see more general biographies. 

If we don't own a resource that you need, COD faculty, students, and staff can request it through I-Share or ILL for free. 

Conduct Your Own Research: Resources

Want to find info about someone not included in the list above?  You're in luck: we have a number of different online resources to help your research.  Remember, not every scientist will be in every resource, so you'll want to check a number of places in order to make sure you have complete info about your scientist. 

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