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Library Accounts: Requesting Items

Local Requests

Request for pickup linkCOD Library users can request items owned by the COD Library to be held for pickup at the main Circulation Desk.

  1. Log in to your Library account.
  2. Locate an item in the Library Catalog.
  3. Click on the item title.
  4. Scroll down the item record and locate the "Get It" section.
  5. Click the "Request for pickup" link.
  6. Once your request is ready, you'll be emailed instructions to schedule a pickup.

I-Share Requests

logo for I-ShareCOD Students, Faculty, and Staff can use the Library catalog to locate and borrow items from other I-Share libraries when those items are not available at the COD Library. Requested items are sent from the lending library to COD or any other I-Share library you choose. You can return items to any I-Share library. You will receive notification from the lending library when the item is ready.

It is important to note District Residents cannot request items through I-Share.

  1. Log in to your Library account.
  2. Search for items in "All I-Share Libraries" in the the Library Catalog.Search the catalog for I-Share items using the I-Share search scope
  3. For the item you want, click on "Check for available services"Click "Check for available services" to place your request
  4. Click on "I-Share"Click on "I-Share"
  5. Review the accuracy of the request form and confirm your pickup location is correctPickup location dropdown in the request form
  6. Click the "Send Request" buttonSend Request button in the request form
  7.     Once your request is ready, you'll be emailed instructions to schedule a pickup.

The I-Share database contains nearly 15 million unique bibliographic records and more than 38 million item records, representing the holdings of 89 CARLI I-Share member institutions. Access to this enormous consortial collection gives COD Library users ready access to a collection that ranks among the world’s largest research libraries.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a free service for COD Library card holders (note: District residents cannot request articles). COD students, faculty, administrators and staff members, should only request items through Interlibrary loan if items are not available through I-Share.

You can place a request by using our Interlibrary Loan request forms.

These forms can also be accessed directly from the Library catalog:

  1. In the catalog, click the three dots in the top navigation bar:Show additional links option in the global navigation bar
  2. Click on the “Interlibrary Loan Requests” link:Interlibrary loan link in the expanded navigation menu

Interlibrary Loan FAQs

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