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Using the Library: Help Desks

Getting Help in the Library

Need some in-person help in the Library?  Take a look at your options below for what and who can help. 

Not sure where to go in the Library to find these desks?  Take a look at the Library maps for the upper and lower library floors, or ask anyone seated at a service desk, and you'll be directed to the right spot. 

Reference Desks

Reference desks are located on both floors of the Library.

The reference desk can also help you with project supplies such as glue sticks, scissors, tape, etc.  See Technology and Basic Supplies for more information. 

Circulation Desks

Circulation desks are located on each floor of the Library. You can also call Circulation at (630) 942-2106.

Circulation staff will:


Media Lab

The Library Media Lab is a space where students can create, explore, and learn, using various types types of technology, and is open to all COD students.  Not only will they help you to figure out what technology to request, they also will help you learn to operate it or use the software required to edit your finished project. 

Computer Support & Printing Services

The Library Computing Support & Printing Services Department is located on the Library's lower floor.


Trying to learn more about the history of COD via text, images, or other collected files?  Our Library Archive has you covered.  You are welcome to make an appointment with our archivist via email (linked on this page) or by calling (630) 942-3720.  

The Library Archive is located on the upper floor of the Library.

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