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Political Science: Books

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Selected New Books

Modern Egypt

With almost every news broadcast, we are reminded of the continuing instability of the Middle East. State collapse, civil wars, and terrorism have combined to produce a region in deep turmoil. If the Middle East is to achieve a more stable and prosperous future, Egypt has to play a centralrole. It has the Arab world's largest population, largest army, and third-largest economy. It also commands a strategic location at the geographic heart of the Arab world and controls the Suez Canal, one of the region's most important waterways. The country also exerts substantial soft power. Itsrenowned Al-Azhar University is the premier center of Islamic study and teaching in the Sunni world. Its political and legal institutions have been emulated to varying degrees in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria. Its prolific artists, musicians, and writers influence the cultureof the region at all levels, from pop music and soap operas to abstract art. All of these factors make Egypt a pivotal state in the Middle East.

Democracy May Not Exist, but We'll Miss It When It's Gone

What is democracy really? What do we mean when we use the term? And can it ever truly exist?. There is no shortage of democracy, at least in name, and yet it is in crisis everywhere we look. From a cabal of plutocrats in the White House to gerrymandering and dark-money compaign contributions, it is clear that the principle of government by and for the people is not living up to its promise. The problems lie deeper than any one election cycle. As Astra Taylor demonstrates, real democracy--fully inclusive and completely egalitarian--has in fact never existed. Taylor invites us to reexamine the term. Is democracy a means or an end, a process or a set of desired outcomes? What if those outcomes,whatever they may be--peace, prosperity, equality, liberty, an engaged citizenry--can be achieved by non-democratic means? In what areas of life should democratic principles apply? If democracy means rule by the people, what does it mean to rule and who counts as the people? Democracy's inherent paradoxes often go unnamed and unrecognized. Exploring such questions offers a better understanding of what is possible, what we want, why democracy is so hard to realize, and why it is worth striving for.

Politics and Journalism in a Post-Truth World

Fake news. Alternative facts. Even before those terms were coined, we had already moved to a post-truth reality. Due to a number of driving forces, we have evolved into a society that values emotion and personal belief more than it does objective facts. More Americans are willing to believe false stories as long as they match up with their own personal and political beliefs. How will this affect our elections, journalistic standards, and news habits? Can we ever go back? The diverse viewpoints in this volume attempt to explain and predict the state of our union.

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