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Political Science: Research Toolkit

Specialized Research Tools

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quick video overview of finding information and using this research guide can be found  by clicking here for Part 1,

then back out of that and click here for Part 2.

Field Research in Political Science: Practices and Principles. General JA 86 .K 37 2015
Questioning Numbers : How to Read and Critique Research. General JA 71.7 .W 55 2012
Thinking like a Political Scientist: A Practical Guide to Research Methods. General JA 71 .H 69 2017

Writing a Research Paper in Political Science:  A Practical Guide to Inquiry, Structure, and Methods.  General  JA 86 .B 24 2016

Writing in Political Science:  A Brief Guide.  General JA 86 .L 38 2015

List of COD databases about Statistics

How Do I...

General Research Tools

Citing Sources
Examples and tools for creating APA, MLA, and other types of citations
Evaluating Sources
Learn to critically examine information sources for academic and everyday purposes
Research Fundamentals
This guide is a starting point for researching and documenting your work
Assignment Calculator
Use the Assignment Calculator to help plan your research assignments
Library Workshops
Our free workshops cover advanced research methods, our premium online research tools, and new and emerging technology.
Learning Commons
Get Math and Writing, Reading, and Speech assistance or tutoring or testing help.

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